Outside Scholarships & Resources from Non-Governmental Sources

Many local, regional, and national organizations sponsor scholarship programs for college students. 黑社区 must report all such outside scholarships and resources to the Financial Aid Office. 

Typically, the combination of Federal, state, and Davidson financial aid, together with any outside scholarships and resources, will not be allowed to exceed a student鈥檚 total Cost of Attendance (COA). Outside funds first reduce the Student Employment award, then the Expected Family Contribution; then, if all outside resources together exceed $5,000 for the year, or if Student Employment and Expected Family Contribution have both been fully replaced, aid awarded from Davidson will be reduced as well. This treatment will be applied in any year in which the scholarship or resource is renewed and the student is receiving financial aid from Davidson.

In all cases, as soon as possible after they are notified of their outside award, students must complete and submit Davidson鈥檚 Outside Resource Notification Form for the relevant aid year, so award adjustments may be made as needed. The Outside Resource Notification Form can be found on our Financial Aid Forms page.